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The Power of Print

In today’s digital world, print may feel old-fashioned, a relic of an age somewhere in the past. The truth, however, is that the medium of print is now more powerful than at any time in recent history at making an impact with potential clients. We all see countless advertisements online every day, and most of us ignore every one that comes across our path. Popups are closed, inline ads are scrolled past, videos are skipped, all to get to the content we were after in the first place. While digital advertising has its place, most of the time it just feels intrusive and unwanted.

In contrast, print requires more deliberate action. Receiving a printed piece–be it a brochure, a card, or any other form of printed material–forces us to pause and give attention the the material now in our hands. It creates an instant bond by placing something tangible in the hands of a potential customer, something that can’t be pushed away with a simple gesture or click. People hang on to print pieces that catch their attention, whether due to design or quality of workmanship, increasing the likelihood that your brand is what they see when they need the product or services they offer.

Print carries other benefits over digital marketing, as well. A high-quality printed piece carries more credibility. Anyone can throw together a quick static ad and put it on display online, getting many impressions for mere pennies. Quality print, by contrast, is an investment. It takes time to create an engaging design, up front expenses for printing that only increase with premium materials, and yet more time and effort to distribute. We intuitively understand that volume of work that goes into getting a piece of printing from concept to a tangible object.

Branding: Printed materials are an excellent format to solidify and strengthen your brand identify. By consistently using the same images, fonts, and colors, you create a visible presence by which your target market can recognize you.

Specific Market Targeting: Whether you’re trying to advertise in a specific geographic area, or to a specific niche market, print allows you to reach some market segments that are more difficult to target online. With tools like Every Door Direct Mail from the USPS, you can place your advertising in every household within a certain distance of your location, or even saturate entire ZIP Codes. Ads in smaller trade publications are more likely to be seen by their target audience than ads placed online.

More Engaging: People spend more time and give more attention to printed pieces than to online advertising or content. The information presented in a printed piece is more likely to be remembered and recalled by someone than what’s seen online.

Increasingly More Affordable: As more and more businesses and organizations move to an increasingly digital footprint, the demand for advertising space in printed publications has fallen. As such, your advertisements are likely to be less crowded by potential competitors, have more available space, and cost less than they once did.

At the end of the day, you want each interaction you have with a potential client to have the greatest chance of converting to business, donations, or some other involvement with the organization you’re promoting. Print, simply, has the greatest potential to creative that connection.

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